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yle=”font-size: 20px;”>The Mythological history of rosemary (rosemary plant):<span style=”font-size: 16px;”>
An ancient legend narrated that the Rosemary tree was named that name after the Virgin Mary put her blue cloak on a white rosemary bush while she was taking a rest, then the white flowers turned to blue. Since then the tree was known as “Rose of Mary”.
This tree has a very sacred position for Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.


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Name: Rosemary / Rosemary leaves / rosemary plant
Family: Lamiaceae
Botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Introduction about rosemary:
Rosemary “Rosmarinus officinalis” is a long lasting, woody, and scented herb.
It is a small tree which is always green.
Its leaves look like the hemlock needles.
 It has purple, blue, white, or pink flowers.
The Mediterranean region was the origin of rosemary.
 Rosemary can bear dryness. It can live without water for long periods.
Rosemary belongs to the genus of Lamiaceae family.
The word Rosemary is derived from the Latin origin of “dew” (ros) and “sea” (marinus) or “sea dew, Arabic name روزماري

The uses of rosemary in the kitchens:
 For its distinctive flavor, Rosemary leaves are widely used in many delicious dishes as roast lamb, chicken and turkey.
 Bulk dried rosemary leaves are a very common component in traditional food of the Mediterranean region whether fresh or dried.
The aromatic, sharp and bitter taste of rosemary leaf has made it an essential supplement for many meals.
 Rosemary leaves are used to make a beneficial tea.
Rosemary leaves are very suitable for barbecued food as they add it an aroma like mustard.

The uses of the aromatic property of Rosemary (rosemary plant):
 Oil of rosemary is used to perfume the body and places.
 Rosemary can be burned to give a smell like incense.
 Aroma of rosemary is added in making shampoos and cleaning things.

The phytochemicals of Rosemary (rosemary plant):
Rosemary contains many chemicals components such as rosmarinic acid, camphor, betulinic acid, caffeic acid, ursolic acid,carnosic acid and carnosol.
Oil of rosemary includes about 10-20% of camphor.

The traditional uses of Rosemary:
 Rosemary was a very common component in the wedding ceremonies in middle ages. Where it was worn by the bride, groom and guests in form of headpieces or sprigs. It was considered as a symbol of love charm.
 In ancient and modern ages, Rosemary has been used to promote memory.
In 2017, Rosemary oil consumption has increased by students who are taking exams in the UK due to its effective results in revitalizing the memory. That was reported through the Guardian newspaper.

The benefits of Rosemary (rosemary plant):
1. Many researches have indicated Rosemary’s great ability to activate memory, promote intelligence and increase focus. It also has a great effect in improving the cognitive activity for old people so it can be used to treat the cognitive problems which include Alzheimer’s and dementia.
2. Rosemary helps to strengthen the immune system due to its rich content of antioxidant, antiinflammatory, and anticarcinogenic components. Its content of Antioxidant includes rosmarinic acid, carnosol, caffeic acid, betulic acid. These elements form a secondary defense line behind the immune system of the body.
3. Rosemary (rosemary plant) can fight against the bacterial infections and limit its growth due to its antibacterial properties.
4. Rosemary (rosemary plant) helps to cure the disorders of bowel movements and gastrointestinal system due to its anti-inflammatory property. So it can be used for treating stomach problems, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating.
5. Rosemary leaves tea helps to fresh breath, clean the mouth, and prevent the bacterial growth. Use it as a daily gargle and you will feel a big difference.
6. Oil and leaves of rosemary help to protect the skin health. Due to its anti-aging properties, rosemary can enhance the skin quality, cure the blemishes, moisturizes the skin and improve the natural shine.

The uses of rosemary (rosemary plant) for Ancient Egyptians:
Ancient Egyptians used Rosemary oil to soften the colic and expel the intestinal gases.