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EIC for export is one of the leading Herbs and Spices Manufacturing from Egypt (Spice Factory - Bulk Herbs - Bulk Spices - Spice Company - Dried Herbs)

Bulk Herbs and Spices
Bulk Herbs and Spices

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We have the pleasure to introduce ourselves to you, EIC is a family business company in Egypt with a great success background story for Bulk Herbs and Spices Manufacturing (now), But our business starts for going back 35 years ago with our grandfather, in the trade business of just some small kinds of Dried Botanical such as Spearmint, Calendula, Anise, some Legumes and some bulk dried spices in the local market as herbal supplies & herbal distribution.

Egyptian international center for export
Egyptian international center for export

With the hard work of our family and traveling across all of Egypt provinces, they achieve good relations between most of herbs and bulk spices distributors in Egypt.
And after that, we insisted to enter the manufacturing field business for Egyptian dried herbs and dried spices, and we start with our family workers as the manual type for purifying the seeds & dried leaves and sell them to the herbs exporters in Egypt.
Through the great feedback to the exporter’s clients about our Herbs quality for over 5 years

We establish an export company documents for the first company in our family as an exporter of bulk herbs and bulk spices.
And, with the passage of time and the first company success, we do the same with new 4 companies.
One of them named EIC for export (herbal company), which specializes in exporting to the east & west & UE & gulf countries such as the USA, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Taiwan, China, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, others.

Bulk Herbs and Spices
Bulk Herbs and Spices

Our successful not stop, now we implement complex quality control not only by the trained our workers and make them understand the required international quality for our Dried herbs, but also by selecting carefully our raw material in order to gain the best-finished material.

With the passage of time, we build a good name as a bulk herbs and spices supplier.

Through our herbal company business we establish a long relations for our bulk herbs and spices manufacturer and supplier for over 23 countries, we acquire friendship and truthful with our clients which comes from our high quality, and that reflects to a great total sales number annually, we have a good market share in our target countries and we working very hard continuously to expand our name to be bigger in the worldwide market as a Bulk dried herbs manufacturer and exporter, and it comes from our reputable clients satisfied (trading companies, Tea Bag Factories, oil extracting plants, cosmetics plants, herbal extract, etc) thanks to them for giving us the chance for that, so our priority is how to satisfy our clients and continue with them.

Now we are proud of our self and we can say that we are exporting for only common cultivation products (herbal manufacturer l Spice Factory l Bulk Herbs l Bulk Spices l Spice Company l Dried Herbs)

Sun Dried Tomatoes

The history of Sun Dried Tomatoes:
In order to save the fruit, tomatoes / tomato plant were always dried or salted. Evaporation of moisture from tomatoes and salting it (such as plurality of food) postpone the decomposition process. Ripe tomatoes drying give nutrition values to it in winter when producing fresh tomatoes are possible. But it is unclear the true origin of sun dried tomatoes.
Aztecs around 700 AD is well-known by sun drying and salting tomatoes / tomato plant to stay fresh. Italians also in the summer were sun-drying tomatoes on the top of their roofs of ceramic. In US dried tomatoes were known between a1880s and 1990s. They added it to salads and pasta, it become a trend but lose its popularity by the end of 1990s.


Name: Sun Dried Tomatoes
Family: Solanaceae
Botanical name: Solanum lycopersicum

How It done?
Tomatoes were sundried when its water fortified and become ripe after stay a long time of drying in the sun.
In order to get a good quality, Bulk Sun dried tomatoes were usually treated with salt or sulfur dioxide before putting in the sun. To complete the procedure of sun dried, the tomatoes spend between 4-10 days in the sun. Types of cherry tomatoes will lose 88% of their beginning weight (fresh), whereas the tomatoes of large types can lose up to 93% through the procedure. Consequently, 8-14 kilograms of fresh tomatoes / tomato plant turned to one kilogram of the dried.
After the process, the tomatoes do not lose their nutritional value. Tomatoes / tomato plant are rich with antioxidants, lycopene, and C vitamin. The last product has salt between 2-6%, and can grant the needed daily intake. Sun Dried Tomatoes / tomato plant added to many food recipes and have different shape and colors. In tradition way, dried Tomatoes were getting from tomatoes of red plum, but they always bought from yellow kinds.
It also can keep in oil of olives beside other components like basil, Rosemary, garlic and dried paprika.
Sun Dried Tomatoes / tomato plant contain a good flavor more than the fresh tomatoes, besides additives or preservatives of extra flavoring.

Dried Tomatoes / tomato plant single cup contains calories of 139, protein of 8 grams, fiber of 7 grams.

Benefits of it:
Can protect from cancer because of lycopene it contains.
Protect our sight because of Lutein and Zeaxanthin it contains.
Can take care of our immune system because it got copper.
Contain more potassium per part more than banana.
It contains manganese that is important for detoxing our bones and liver.

If you want to eat healthy food and drink a beneficial tea from natural seeds, grass, or plants... Okay, we will grant you the chance to get all these benefits. Just contact us… We are the "Egyptian International Center for Export - EIC". 

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