Our Priority is Quality control, and we have to wings such as next: 

Bulk Herbs and Spices
Bulk Herbs and Spices

1) External  control:

First one starting before planting by choosing the best seeds with the best farm soil
Second one after harvested we get a random sample and send to laboratory for check about pesticide rate if it’s within our accepted rate we get it to our factory

1) Internal control:

First One: once we received the crops from the trusted farm we start to do a plant quality degree.
Second One: Start production by machines or workers according to the kind itself
Third: Checking while production steps
Fourth: After finish we do a plant quality degree to check the quality beside mesh size and we always do our quality over than the client’s contract.
Fifth: Quality control continuously while we packing and till loading inside containers after we checking the container and fix any issue if found (holes or broken) or any other problem inside it.