Basil seeds

Basil seeds for sowing / seedling
The perfect time to sowing the basil seeds indoors is 6 weeks before the spring frost.
But to sowing basil seeds outdoor, the soil should be at least 10º C — and for best growth, it is preferably to be around 21ºC.
Basil seeds’ heights are about 60 cm deep and from 25 cm to 30 cm apart.<br />style=”font-size: 14px;”>The seeds must grow to be nearly from 30 cm to 61 cm in height. But smaller plants, plant farther apart (about 16 to 61 cm).
In summer, feel free to water the plants because the soil is dry.
=”font-size: 14px;”>You should pick up the flower heads as soon as they appear to ensure that the leaves will continue growing.
ass=”yoast-text-mark”>ass=”yoast-text-mark”>lass=”yoast-text-mark”>lass=”yoast-text-mark”>lass=”yoast-text-mark”>tyle=”font-size: 14px;”>If you want to use basil plants in cooking, make sure that the soil is clean and do not use fertilizers. You also should plant it away from the roads and busy streets so that exhaust won’t settle on the plants.


Name: Basil seeds for sowing
Botanical name: Ocimum Basilicum
Family: Lamiaceae

Benefits for health:
1- Skin care:
Thanks to the antioxidants and flavonoids that it have, they can improve the health of the skin and stimulate the growth of new cells.
Using it continuously can decrease age spots, and blemishes, scars and wrinkles.
Besides, it helping to improve the elasticity of the skin.
2- Weight loss:
Basil seeds are rich with fiber, which make you feel full, which can prevent overeating and snack between meals.
The digested seeds may sell to 20 times compare with their original size, which physically make you feel replete.
3- Control blood pressure:
Basil can work as vasodilator which relaxes the tension in the arteries and blood vessels.
Additionally, researchers found that it have high level of potassium which can directly impact blood pressure.
4- Control sugar:
The active ingredients that such as dietary fiber resists in Basil are able to control blood sugar levels.
Basil control insulin and glucose levels so they are very useful for those who are suffering from Type 2 diabetes.
If you drink a glass of water with basil  in the morning, it can improve your insulin sensitivity throughout the whole day.
5- Basil Seeds Drink:
Most Asian countries use it as juice, nutritional shakes and smoothies, when you put it in water or any other liquid, they become soft and gelatinous. This not only thickens drinks but also enhances their nutritional potential dramatically.
Also, Basil seeds are added to sherbet and milkshakes. Their taste is very delicious that not compared to any other favor. So that basil are added to sweet foods and beverages.
In order to make basil seeds drinks at home; just add 1/2 cup of basil seeds to a fruit smoothie or glass of juice