Sun Dried Lemon

According to dry lemon manufacturer, although the dried lime lost its water but it keeps all the important contents like B groups Vitamins especially Vitamin C , amino acids and traces of minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium beside all these advantages it has also better taste than Lemon because it less sour


Sun Dried Lemon :

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Botanical name: Citrus limonum
Family: Rutaceae

Dried lime has many names and it depends on the country in which it is used like black lime; noomi basra in (Iraq), limoon amani in (Iran); loomi in (Oman) The dried Lime is a lemon which has lost all its water through put it under the sun and you can use it sliced or ground and it is considered in the middle east area as a spice

1- The way of drying sun dried Lemon
The yellow dried Lemon is dried by the strong sunshine for a long time all the day especially in the summer season the it is spread on the hot sand and it should be flipped over from time to time to be sure that all lemon has been dried in a good way

2- Black Lemon
The black lemon is dried in electric oven after the step of sun drying so it has been put in huge electric ovens and after that we put it again under the sun to get rid of the humidity of the oven
Both types whether Black Lemon or Yellow dried Lemon are sorted by specific machines and trained labor

The dried lime has a strong mix between the sour, citrusy, earthy and somewhat smoky taste but at the same time it has lost the taste of sweetness of fresh limes, also it has a slightly bitter, which you can taste it in seeds and outer skin also it has a fermented flavor because of its preservation

The dried Limes are used in many countries in their cooking to add sour taste for example in Persia the people uses dried lime in soups and stews also across the Persian Gulf they use it with fish but in Iraq noomi basra has been used to almost dishes and meals also they add it to warm drinks like Hamidh. The dried Limes are traditional important ingredient which are used as powder in Persian Gulf Baharat which add to Kabsa

The benefits of dried limes:
First, dried lemon helps to prevent various heart diseases, because of the benefits of black lemons of the heart muscle, and its ability to regulate blood pumping also doctors’ advice to use it as a treatment for heart palpitations. Second, it helps in expel harmful bacteria in the digestive system and collect the accumulated waste and toxins in various parts of the body and expel them to outside
Third, although it has the ability to get the appetite but it also is used in diet and to lose fat because it contains Vitamins and minerals which help to lose fat and calories
Forth, it is very useful for women after delivery because it gives her many Vitamins and nutritional elements which she lost during the pregnancy and after the delivery so the dried limes can enhance immune system, and saves her from inactivity, fatigue, exhaustion, and increases her activity and vitality, which helps her to take care of her child better.Fifth: it contributes to dispose of water which is in the body and existed especially in the lower limbs and abdomen, and cause swelling in these areas, in addition to the difficulty in mobility and movement.