Who is the "Egyptian International Center for Export - EIC”?

Egyptian International Center for Export – EIC is a leading Egyptian company in the field of producing and exporting aromatic, medicinal herbs, seeds, spices, forage seeds, and legumes.

Egyptian International Center for Export – EIC was established on 2007 as a branch for a large family business group with 35 years of experience. The beginning of our group was in 1983 by establishing a small factory to produce herbs, seeds and spices for the use of the local market. The frame work of this factory included cultivating, processing and packaging herbs, seeds and spices, then selling them for the local market.

In 2000 and after getting ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 certification, Registered in the USA FDA and also registered in ministry of food and drugs of South Korea, our family group entered the field of export by distributing our products all over the world. Nowadays, we export for more than 17 countries.