Chick peas Nutrition & Benefits:
Chick peas (chickpea plant), garbanzo beans, are one of the oldest crops in terms of popularity around the world. For over 7,500 years, Chick peas are used with meals for regime.
Chick peas are legumes that have a range of benefits to health. It helps to satiety and increase digestion and maintains blood sugar. Chick peas are considered an effective group of protein, vitamins and minerals. This makes it an exponent of obesity.
Chick peas fall under the diet of some people daily in all countries of the world such as the Middle East and the Mediterranean countries and African countries.


Name: Chick peas
Common names: chick pea, Chickpeas, Chickpeas seed, Chickpeas beans, Chick peas bean, hummus beans, hommos beans, chickpea hummus, white bean hummus, chickpea plant.
Family: Fabaceae

Chick peas (chickpea plant) Nutrition Facts:
It has been shown that chick peas are super amazing food. One cup of chick pea contains (recommended daily):
Calories (268 grams)
Dietary fiber (12.5 grams)
Protein (14.5 grams)
Fat (4.2 grams)
Manganese (84%)
Folate (71%)
Copper (29%)
Phosphorus (28%)
Iron (26%)
Zinc (17%)

Amazing Chick pea (chickpea plant) Health Benefits:
1. Controlling the sugar in the blood.
Chick peas (chickpea plant) as a type of legumes and complex carbohydrates so that the body then can digest the food slowly to give the body the necessary energy, Not all carbohydrates are equal. Some raise the sugar level in the body quickly and thus lead to simple carbohydrates. On the other hand, some carbohydrates supply the body with energy (complex carbohydrates).
Chick peas contain starch, which is also a slow-burning carbohydrate of the body, where it does not interact with the glucose found in the blood.
Industrial products such as refined flour, white bread, pasta, soda and sweets of simple sugars. Starches found in chick peas take a long time to break down.
Glucose is the starch that contains natural sugars. The body uses glucose in several basic and annoying functions for diabetics. During digestion, the glucose in the beans and starch is withdrawn.
2. Feeling of fullness with weight loss.
Chick peas (chickpea plant) contain high protein and fiber, so it helps to feel full and reduce the intake of food and unhealthy meals. Studies have shown that reducing the proportion of fiber consumed helps to reduce weight.
The Chick peas are added to any recipe because it contains fibers, complex carbohydrates, and protein. Micronutrients give a sense of desire to satiety and control the blood sugar and give the necessary energy.
Foods that contain Chick peas help to burn fat with weight loss in a healthy and safe way. Snacks are unhealthy and do not help to burn fat or lose weight fast.
Chick peas contain a high percentage of fiber and protein needed for the body, unlike other foods such as vegetables and cheese with low calories. Chick peas are the perfect food for those who want to lose weight.
3. Improve digestion thanks to fiber.
Less than 5% of Americans eat the required amount of fiber required for a diet.
During the digestive system, the fiber facilitates digestion, which helps to reduce the symptoms of constipation and IBS. Fiber works to remove liquids from the body in the form of feces containing toxins and harmful waste to the body.
Fiber checks the balance between levels of hydrogen and bacteria inside the gut and increases healthy bacteria. And reduces unhealthy bacteria, the imbalance in plant bacteria is associated with many intestinal digestive problems.
Garbanzo beans contain a large amount of fiber that helps ease digestion and control of blood sugar prevention of heart disease, cancer, diverticulosis, kidney stones, PMS and obesity.

Chick peas (chickpea plant) and the Pharaohs:
Using in diuresis and menstruation.
Laxative and purified for blood
Using in the treatment of liver and kidney and help to lighten the pores.
Useful for the treatment of abscesses and sores if used with white honey
Help to ripen meat and earn food flavor.
Used as a clutch medicine.
Help in cases of indigestion, exhaustion and constipation.
Its roots are used to treat bile disease.
The seeds are added after baking into milk and used against lung diseases in case of cold.