Natural Loofah

Description of Egyptian Luffa
According to egyptian loofah wholesale, Luffa Aegyptiaca is back to the cucumber family, it is a sort of tropical and subtropical.
Luffa’s fruit is planted and consumed as a vegetable; it is common in China and Vietnam. In order to be edible, it must be harvested at a stage of the young development.
The luffah fruit become fibrous after it ripened well, so that the loofah sponge used in kitchens and bathrooms is the fully developed fruit.
/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/></span><span style=”font-size: 14px;”>The Egyptian Luffa is need between 150 to 200 warm days to ripen.<br /></span><span class=”yoast-text-mark”>class=”yoast-text-mark”>=”font-size: 14px;”>The name luffa which is used in Europe is originally backs to the Egyptian Arabian name of (لوف lūf).
ss=”&quot;yoast-te/>&amp;lt;/span>ass=”yoast-text-mark”&amp;amp;amp;gt;e=”font-size: 14px;”&gt;The loofah’s flesh disappear when it is fully ripen and dry out on the vine, then leaving the skeleton and seeds of the fibrous , which can be simply shaken out.&lt;br /&amp;gt;&lt;/span&amp;gt;<span class=”yoast-text-mark”>: 14px;”>Loofah’s sponge is used as a scrub of the body.</span>&lt;/p&gt;</span>&lt;/span&gt;</p>


Name: Egyptian Natural Loofah l Egyptian Natural luffa
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Botanical name: Luffa Aegyptiaca
Common name: Egyptian luffa, Egyptian Loofah, Luffa cylindrical, gourd plant, sponge gourd, Luffa plant, Luffa gourd, shower Loofah

Feel like Egyptian ancient Queens by using Luffa Aegyptiaca l Egyptian Natural Loofah l Egyptian Natural Luffa!
Many Egyptian queens such as Cleopatra, Hatshepsut and Nefertiti used the Egyptian Natural Loofah to peeling their skin by getting rid of the dead layers and boosting the strong glowing of the skin.

About Luffa Aegyptiaca l Egyptian Natural Loofah l Egyptian Natural Luffa
Luffa Aegyptica is the scientific name of the loofah (gourd plant) cultivated in Egypt.
The Egyptian Natural Loofah l Egyptian Natural Luffa l Luffa plant is full with fibers, soft, resilient, and does not has longitudinal ridges which make the Laofah openly divided after used few times, and that backed to the climate of Egypt and its genetical characteristics.
The Egyptian Natural Loofah l Egyptian Natural Luffa l Luffa Aegyptiaca gained this widely reputation because it is rich with spongy fibers which considered friendly to the skin.

Beneficial features of Luffa Aegyptiaca l Egyptian Natural Loofah l Egyptian Natural Luffa
It can absorb solutions and water with a high capacity.
It can be insulation to various temperatures.

Luffa Aegyptiaca plant l gourd plant – Luffa plant as a food:
The Egyptian Natural Loofah (Luffa plant) can be consumed when its length is less than 12cm and its color is still green.
So young loofah before maturing it can be eaten, but when it is ripened, dried and freed of seeds it used as a sponge for scrubbing and cleaning.

Differences between Chinese Loofah and Egyptian Loofah:

No.1 Egyptian Natural Loofah l Egyptian Natural Luffa Chinees Loofah
1 Soft, fibers friendly to the skin, feels spongy Abrasive, hard, best used in metals and wood
2 No scratchy edges because of its soft edges. Scratchy and abrasion on its skin because of the hard ridges
3 Do not require bleaching or chemicals material to soften its fibers or whiten its color so, its very safe on skins than others. Need bleaching, by using Caustic Soda and Chlorine solutions that makes the fibers corrode. The final product cannot be labeled as natural and it is not chemical free.
4 Its length within 30-70 cm and its size is wide so that it is fiber is richer & thicker.

To have more friendly skin texture that is appeal to customers, it takes more expensive to grow and manufacture.


Benefits of using Luffa Aegyptiaca l Egyptian Natural Loofah l Egyptian Natural Luffa
– Removes dead skin and Exfoliates
The Egyptian Natural Luffa is very comfortable in using while exfoliating our skin without scratching, this resulted in removing the dead layers better and the skin pores are opened up which make the skin breath well and get rid of wastes and the extra salts.
This also bans the fungus and the bacteria to infect the skin.

– Enhance superficial circulation of the skin
Using the Egyptian Natural Luffa, the amount of blood full of oxygen and nutrients resulting feeding the skin is increased, which is lead to a healthy skin. The good blood circulation is helping the cells of the skin to exfoliate the metabolic waste items very quickly, and block Acne, cellulite, and aging signs.

– Stimulates nerve endings of the skin:Outrage the well-beings feelings and freshness.

– back to Natural
The Egyptian Natural Luffa is naturally 100%, it is also biodegradable. So the Natural Loofah can goes with the current trend that of favoring natural products.

 Instruction after use for your Luffa Aegyptiaca l Egyptian Natural Loofah l Egyptian Natural Luffa
1- Wash your Natural Loofah after any use. Use the clean hot water, be sure that the soap is cleaned, because of the left soap in the Luffa Aegyptiaca will have a smell.
2- Try to dry the Egyptian Natural luffa completely after uses.
Put it in a dry place with good air circulation so it can completely dry.
the drying process will ban the bacteria from forming inside the Egyptian Natural luffa.
it must be stored on a hook outside of the bath.
also placing it near a fan or vent will help it to dry quickly.
3- try to sanitize the Natural Egyptian luffa l Egyptian Natural Luffa once every week.
also, a hot washing cycle will helpful, run the Loofah during the dishwasher, or even microwave it for only 30 sec., or you could boil the Natural Loofah in a hot water for a little minute to kill or prevent any bacteria that could be growing.
No matter what method you use,
do it once a week at least to make sure the Egyptian Natural luffa stays healthy for the next use.
The Dermatologists have newly found that Loofahs, in general, could have bacteria than they previously thought.
That’s why it’s very important to sanitize and clean your loofah.
4- in general, the loofah must replace every 3 weeks.
because after this time the Loofah will be starting to befall some apart during the use.
If you haven’t sterilized your Natural Loofah, it’s no longer safe for your next use after 3 weeks.
Either way, its time to have a new Egyptian Natural Loofah.