Spinach seed

Spinach is following the Amaranthaceae family; you can eat its leaves like vegetable, spinach backed to central and west Asia.
Spinach is planted annually (or each two years rarely) at the height of 30 cm. in temperate places, spinach (Spinach seeds , Spinach plant , spinach leaves) can last over the winter.


Name: Spinach seed (Spinach seeds , Spinach plant , spinach leaves)
Botanical name: Spinacia oleracea
Family: Amaranthaceae
Common names: from Andalusian Arabic اسبيناخ asbīnākh, from Arabic السبانخ al-sabānikh, from Persian اسپاناخ aspānākh

The raw of spinach (Spinach seeds , Spinach plant , spinach leaves) is containing 91% of water, 4% of carbohydrates, 3% of protein and unsavory fat.
The 100 grams of spinach (Spinach seeds , Spinach plant , spinach leaves) gives 23 calories, it is containing a high value of nutritional, even if it is fresh, steamed, frozen, or quickly boiled.
Spinach is considered an expensive origin of more than 20 % of the needed daily value of vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin K, manganese, magnesium, iron, and folate. It is also a good origin of 10-19% of the daily value of Vitamin B riboflavin, vitamin E, vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, dietary fiber.

Growing Spinach
The deception of spinach planting is to plant and harvest it fast, and use the correct set in the correct season. Spinach (Spinach seeds , Spinach plant , spinach leaves) is usually cultivated in early spring and fall, because it blots whenever get a long time and when the weather become hot.
Some spinach varieties become better in a long period of light, hot temperatures.

Timing of growing Spinach (Spinach seeds , Spinach plant , spinach leaves):
Growing Spinach is best in cold weather. Between March 1 to April 15. Sow spinach seed directly. And for the final of spring and the beginning of summer, growing spinach by using Tyee, and for harvest it fast by using Space and Olympia, once days get long and hot, spinach will get screw. Before some kinds cultivated to gather before they bolt. And for supplying continuously, cultivate spinach every 3 weeks.

In the middle of the two weeks of August, sow spinach seed again for a fall crop. If break to levels of the soil, in the coming spring it will return early.
The summer – disperse spinach seed beds should be shaded and watered very well, you also should disperse seeds more than you need, because the warm soil produce rates of germination marginally. Tenderize the seedlings, and then put a protection of cloche as the rapprochement of the cold weather.
So if you provide the cloche protection, you can harvest the late sowing into December – in mild winters.
The better temperature of the soil: 5-20°C (45-70°F). Spinach seeds ( Spinach plant , spinach leaves) should blossom between 7-14 days.

Beginning of spinach sowing:
At a deep of cm, so the seeds as 10 seeds for every 30 cm, in rows 30-45cm away from each other. Among the plants, thin to at least 5-8 cm, but if you want large leaves, thin further than that.

The perfect PH: 6.0-6.5. This large feeder needs fertile soil. . Dig in ¼-½ cup full organic fertilizers under each of 1m of line.
The spinach of overwintering needs a soil that well drained.

Spinach harvesting:
If you need a baby greens spinach plant, cut spinach when the leaves reach 7-10 cm tall. And at any time, you can cut the leaves of individuals, till the beginning of the plant blot.  You can pick all the Spinach plant which is above the level of the soil.

Information about seeds:
65% of Spinach seeds (Spinach plant , spinach leaves) will germinate in during the perfect conditions. The life of usual seeds is 3 years. . Per 100′ row: 400 seeds, per acre: 174M seeds.

Benefits of Spinach (Spinach seeds , Spinach plant , spinach leaves) :
Can manage diabetes.
Can prevent cancer.
Can prevent asthma
Able to reduce the pressure of the blood
The health of bone
Give you a healthy hair and skin
Get the eyesight better
Benefits the Neurological system
Provide strength to muscles
Lowers the Cataracts risks.

Back to nature – the Ancient Egyptian and spinach (Spinach seeds , Spinach plant , spinach leaves):
In general, vegetable considered the main food for the poor s in old Egypt.
The Ancient Egyptian grew vegetables at their private gardens at home. Whereas they thought that vegetables are healthy, spinach (Spinach seeds , Spinach plant , spinach leaves) was their preferable foods.